Twelve Teutonic Treasures: smaller towns worth going out of your way for ...
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Bayreuth: outside Festival time, a peaceful, immaculate, highly civilised small Franconian town
Blaubeuren: just to the west of Ulm, a picturesque Abbey community in the heart of the Swabian Jura
Coburg: enjoy the connections to Britain's Royal Family in this handsome town with some fine palaces
Eichstatt: an Italian Baroque backwater, the heart of Catholic Franconia
Erfurt: capital of Thuringia, a fascinating city packed with attractive corners and impressive buildings
Naumburg: a fine Cathedral city in the wine country of old East Germany
Neuburg an der Donau: splendid princely capital with fine 16thC town planning
Quedlinburg: stunning medieval town on the edge of the Harz Mountains (OK, hills really)
Schleswig: now peaceful, a Viking trading post with some unique architecture
Schlitz: tiny, well-preserved fortified town in the German heartland
Speyer: impressively spacious Rheinland cathedral city with a wide range of attractions
Wolfsburg: by way of contrast - industrial new town with the must-see Volkswagen headquarters

and if you want to head further east still ...
HIGHLIGHTS OF SILESIA: Just over the border from South Eastern Germany is a particularly rewarding region of Poland, Silesia (or Slask to the locals). It was German Silesia until 1945, but the towns, set in rolling wooded hills are now appealingly Polish.